Superjazz 4tet

So where does BRUUT! take us? To the surrealism of Quentin Tarantino films, second-hand records and old Westerns. To the vibe of lava lamps and Photoshopped boogaloo, to a 1960s that is as unfocused as the 1960s you see on YouTube…BRUUT! swings hard.

They balance the colourful with the unpolished, and the danceable  with the listenable. 

In short: BRUUT! is all about superjazz. BRUUT!’s very successful selftitled debut album was released in 2012. With their second studio album ‘Fire’ (2013) BRUUT! further  established their fame as one of the most original and energetic jazz bands of our time.
The third studio album ‘Mad Pack’ was released on the 6th of March 2015.
BRUUT! has been hopping all the continents recently with gigs in such places as Japan, Poland, Burkina Faso, Germany, South Africa, Spain, England and Suriname and played festivals like Tokyo Jazz, Glimps, National Arts, Istanbul Jazz, North Sea Jazz, Amsterdam BeatClub, STARDUST Bal Masqué and Eurosonic Noorderslag.
Currently gigs in Turkey, Japan and Spain have been confirmed and  the band is working on new material set to be released in 2017.
BRUUT! is:
Maarten Hogenhuis – saxophone
Folkert Oosterbeek – hammond organ
Thomas Rolff – double bass
Felix Schlarmann – drums

BRUUT! kan bij ABC Agency geboekt worden in combinatie met een  compleet feest-concept: STARDUST Bal Masqué



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